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free microsoft point codes
free microsoft point codes

The Xbox
The Xbox, Xbox 360 and also the Xbox One happen to be Video gaming products by Microsoft. The very first Xbox System launched in the end of the 1990 and fought straight against the Playstation 2.

In 2005, Microsoft company presented it’s next creation Gaming system titled the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 has been a huge success and according to Microsoft company it has been purchased 76 Million times until Feb 2013.
In late 2013, Microsoft company wishes to start a completely new video gaming system. It's a sixth generation video gaming system and will be referred to as the Xbox One. This new console will not just be capable to play video games with breathtaking visual details, it should as well be used to consume Films, Music, Internet and TV. The Xbox One will be sold for $499 in the U.S. and €499 in Europe.

While the Xbox 360 came along with a recognition unit labeled the Kinect, the Xbox one will arrive with a much better version - Kinect 2.0. While the first Kinect version used VGA, the Kinect 2.0 uses 1080p

Xbox Live Marketplace and Microsoft Points

The Xbox Live Marketplace was first introduced when Microsoft launched the Xbox 360. The digital currency in the Marketplace is labeled Microsoft points and will be used to obtain Movies, , Video game titles and various addons for the Xbox and it’s video game titles.
Microsoft points will be purchased as cards with 800, 1600, 2100 or 4200 Points value in retail. Microsoft also offers an option to buy Microsoft points via Credit Card. The value of One MSP is 1,2 cent and a Game for the Xbox-Live-Arcade costs between 400 and 1600 Microsoft points.
Xbox Live
Microsofts on-line-gaming network is referred to as Xbox Live and comes in a Cost-free and in a Paid for version which often is referred to as Xbox Live Gold. Gold participants could enjoy multiplayer games and additionally get hold of unique downloads that aren’t accessible for free members.
Xbox live prices about €60 for 12 month, or €20 for a 3 month membership. Xbox Live Memberships could either be paid for by Credit Card, or purchased through obtaining Xbox Live cards in retail stores.

Free Microsoft Points and Free Xbox Live Gold Code Cards
Mid 2012, Ms ran a campaign which was badly planned. This gave a few folks the possibility to acquire Countless numbers of Xbox Live Gold Codes and Microsoft points. Microsoft made the decision that all those codes remain valid, after all it has been their own failing.
At some point those handful of folks who got a lot of codes came to the realization they may never use them all by them selves and started giving them away free.

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